The State – 02/21/22

Rachel Fulton

CATA board of directors debate route expansion

Last Wednesday, CATA held its first meeting since announcing that fewer bus route operations will be active for MSU’s Spring semester.

The topic of reduced on-campus routes was not on the agenda and was not brought up by any of the board members.

An MSU student asked the board during public comments about the decision. At the meeting, the expansion of other routes were discussed, including expanding a route to go to the newly built Amazon warehouse in Delta Township.

Some of the directors, such as Ingham County Commissioner Mark Grebner and Meridian Township Treasurer Phil Deschaine, expressed concern that CATA would be expanding its services into Delta Township despite Delta paying less in millages compared to Meridian Township.

The last thing the board discussed was the budget for the 2022 Fiscal Year, before assembling into a private session for a strategy session connected to collective bargaining over contracts with the Union for CATA workers.

How Maya Washington learned about her father’s historic legacy in making “Through the Banks of the Red Cedar”

Maya Washington didn’t know her father, Gene Washington was a member of the team that helped break the college football color barrier back in the 1960s.

To her, he was just a loving father.

She said her life changed after learning about her father’s legacy as a member of the first fully integrated college football team, led by Head Coach Duffy Daugherty in the 1960s.

Whenever there were conversations with her father, Gene Washington never talked about his experiences.

In a documentary titled “Through the Banks of the Red Cedar”, she demonstrated her learning process through interviews with her father and his teammates, sharing the historical significance of the teams and her father’s legacy with the world.

Maya Washington decided to adapt the documentary into a book as well, providing more context and information that was learned during the filmmaking process.

Michigan State wrestling sneaks out a victory over Central Michigan 

Michigan State Wrestling pulled out a win against Central Michigan University Friday night at the team’s final regular season match.

The Spartans won the first two matches of the meet before CMU’s Dresden Simon put them on the board.

Dresden Simons met his match as graduate Matt Santos got his team prepared for the board.

Things were heated up as Corbyn Munson quickly attacked, which sent Peyton Omania backwards to the edge of the mat.

Wrestling to the edge of the ring, Simon was trying to pin but yet the points never came.

Another match with CMU Corbyn Munson against Peyton Omania was an aggressive start. Omania was leading the match.

Things were heated up as Munson quickly attacked, which sent Omania backwards to the edge of the mat.

After three periods Munson ended the match with a near pin but he was caught by the buzzer.

MSU ended their regular season with a 19-17 win.

Based on original reporting by Dan Netter, Jared Ramsey, and Chloe Trofatter. Script by Shakyra Mabone.