Short and Sweet | “Mad Funny Freestyle” by Aminé


Paige Drob, Training Director

On Nov. 3, 2020, Aminé announced the impending release of his mixtape TWOPOINTFIVE with a video starring multiple clones of himself and frequent collaborator Rickey Thompson.

TWOPOINTFIVE serves as a followup to Aminé’s 2018 mixtape, ONEPOINTFIVE. He describes the POINTFIVE series as “breaks in between albums where I give myself the freedom to make music without expectations, focusing instead of spontaneity and the best of what comes from stream of conscious creation, which is why they release unexpected and without a long rollout.” 

Aminé’s creativity is evident in TWOPOINTFIVE, especially in may favorite track on the the list “Mad Funny Freestyle”. The track is short at only a minute and 41 seconds, but it is a prime example of the artist’s fun and flowy style.

The gasping instrumentals and kooky wordplay create a surprisingly catchy song that I am not sure we would get on a regular Aminé LP. The song exposes his more experimental side with that gasping instrumental I mentioned before, along with some added sounds and ad libs, along with a complete tone switch partway through the song.

“Mad Funny Freestyle” is the song I have been looking for the past couple months. A short and sweet jam that I can sing and blast in my car, maybe even sharing a laugh with whoever is unfortunately subjected to my performance.