A ReVAMPED Halloween Anthem – “Calling All The Monsters (2021)” by Thriii

A ReVAMPED Halloween Anthem - Calling All The Monsters (2021) by Thriii

Paige Drob, Training Director

Flashback to Oct. 11, 2011, the day Disney Channel released the groundbreaking halloween special episode of the series A.N.T. Farm  titled  ”mutANT  farm.” In said episode, China Anne McClain performs a Disney original halloween hit titled “Calling All The Monsters”  to her monster-fied friends at a school dance.    

Nine-year-old me thought it was the best halloween track of all time, and so does 19 year old me. Hearing of the impending re-release of the song made me just as excited as when the official music video would play during commercial breaks on Disney Channel. 


Now in 2021 for the 10 year anniversary of the original “Calling All The Monsters” release, Disney announced that fans would be receiving a new version of the track performed by the musical trio of sisters Thriii, which includes China Anne McClain.. 


The ghastly track was given a more grown up spin, fit with more mature vocals, instrumentals and production. The artist Messenger is also featured on this version, adding in some ghoulish rap verses. The sound of the revamped version is noticeably more modern as well. I admittedly am no expert and cannot find a way to articulate my reasoning, but if you listen to both versions, I think you may understand my thinking.  The original version is so very 2011, it very much reminds me of the club-pop that was circulating at the time — think Ke$ha and Lady Gaga. The 2021 version just feels more modern.

The song has grown up just like all of us and has given me a much needed dose of spookiness in an October filled with 75-degree days.