Halloween Shreds | “Hunter’s Moon” by Ghost


Sam Hartley, Writer/Volunteer

It is spooky season again, so it is time to start getting those Halloween playlists together. It wouldn’t be Halloween without a little Ghost and their new Single “Hunters Moon.” This new song is from the newest movie in the Halloween franchise Halloween Kills.

This song is a very Ghost song which changes their sound a little bit to stay interesting, something every great band does. That is exactly what Ghost is becoming too: a great band. They really came into the public’s eye when Meliora came out in 2016, and it has just been up from there for the masked ghouls and the lead man, Papa Emeritus.

Luckily, they gave us this masterpiece of a song just in time for Halloween so I can pair it with some Rob Zombie, White Zombie and Ice Nine Kills for an absolute killer Halloween metal playlist.

The song talks about a person coming back to see an old friend, and I don’t think they are very happy to see them. They are also very excited that it is a hunter’s moon. Maybe it is because of the extra light? But the song is just like a plot right out of a Halloween movie, with Michael Myers coming back to see Laurie Strode for like the sixth time to kill her for some unknown reason. The song starts with a little guitar riff that almost sounds like the intro to “18 and Life” by Skid Row. Then Tobias Forge starts telling us “It’s been a long time coming, I’m coming back for you, my friend.” I’m not afraid, you’re afraid.

The song gets heavier from there and it really turns into more of a Ghost song. The song is a welcome change of sound for the band and shows how much they can spread to help bring us some Halloween fear.