The Body Lives on Music | An Intro to AlunaGeorge


Anthony Cruz, Writer/Volunteer

AlunaGeorge is one of my all-time favorite duos, hailing from the electronic music haven of London, England. The duo has pioneered an approach to alternative-synth pop and UK garage music that is distinctive to their contemporaries. 

The duo often includes heavy bass, dubstep, and elements of R&B within most of their discography, which is how I would describe their overall sound. I have yet to see their sound replicated in its entirety. Aluna Francis, the lead vocalist, approaches their records with a high-tone that is complemented by a plethora of intricate, artificial-sounding beats. Meanwhile, George Reid is behind most of the production and sonics. Prior to meeting Francis, Reid was a part of an indie-math rock band called Colour. 

Francis has mentioned her struggles being respected in the industry as a black woman. She states that:


 “Over the years, I’ve accepted my role as the black accessory to white peoples’ dance music, internally bowing and scraping for these opportunities with no acknowledgement for my contribution… I’m going to have to face a head-on collision with the most white male saturated part of the industry that instead of the usual (white) acts, that they want me, a black girl who is fresh as f**k.” 


By speaking up, Francis hopes to create a comfortable space for other black men and women who are often criticized for having interests in EDM.

 These on-going struggles have empowered her to produce her own solo album, Renaissance, released in 2020. The album features elements of house, alternative hip-hop, traditional electronic music and even several Caribbean influences. If you’re looking for some driving tunes, this is the record for you. “The Recipe (ft. KAYTRANADA, Rema)” and “Envious” will both have you cruising for sure. 



AlunaGeorge’s 2013 debut, Body Music, features an eclectic presence that encapsulates listeners. I discovered the duo through the track “You Know You Like It,” which appears on the album. It would go on to be remixed by DJ Snake in 2014, and peaked at  #13 on the Billboard Hot 100. This would be their largest record to date. Some of my favorite tracks off their debut include: “Bad Idea,” the title-track, “Body Music” and “Best Be Believing.” 



The duo’s sophomore effort, I Remember, released in 2016, features a more traditional approach to electronic music. This album fits in perfectly with the EDM wave happening at the time of its release. The tracks on this album are bolder with harder-hitting choruses and beats. Francis’ vocals on this album are placed more forward within the mixing of tracks. This album also includes collaborations with several artists, including Popcaan and ZHU. Some standout tracks include: “Full Swing (ft. Pell),” “Not Above Love” and “Wanderlust.”



AlunaGeorge also released a more relaxed, low-fi EP in 2018, Champagne Eyes. My favorite tracks off this release include “Superior Emotion (ft. Cautious Clay)” and “Cold Blooded Creatures (ft. Bryson Tiller).”

Discovering AlunaGeorge all those years ago is something I cherish. With a solid discography through and through, they certainly should be the next stop on your electronic music journey.