The State – 3/1/21

Haley Sinclair

Michigan Senate approves $1.9B COVID-19 relief funding billJanelle James

On Thursday the Michigan Senate approved over $1.9 billion for COVID-19 relief.

Senate bill 29 includes:
$5.9 million to reimburse parents for summer school costs
$20 million for student mental health services.
$11.7 million for benchmark assessments in reading and math.

Senate bill 114 includes:
$110 million for vaccine distribution and $184 million in federal dollars for COVID-19 testing.

MSU to lift enhance physical distancing directive SundayEmily Bevard

This past Sunday Michigan State University lifted the enhanced physical distancing directive with the opening of dorm study lounges last Friday.

Students must abide by capacity limits, maintain a six feet social distance, and wear a mask. At this time guests are still strongly discouraged.

Ahead of the university wellness days Tuesday and Wednesday, students are advised to not travel outside of East Lansing. Those who do must turn in an Early Detection Program saliva sample within 24 hours of returning to campus in addition to their weekly saliva sample and must quarantine until they are cleared with a negative test result.

Script: Kelly Winters