Loser Becomes Big Star | “Do You Think We’ll Last Forever?” – Caroline Rose


Mason Vore, Writer/Volunteer

There’s no better example of Caroline Rose’s personality being layered into her latest album, Superstar, than her Twitter bio “loser become big big star.” 

It proves why it’s no surprise when, for the third single off of Superstar, Do You Think We’ll Last Forever?” she returns with a track full of her unique combination of comical yet claustrophobic lyrics laid into addictive sonic arrangements. In the song, Rose portrays the anxieties that come with pursuing both romance and recognition as an artist. The track suspends them amongst a cinematic, danceable synth and bass driven beat until the song breaks into a euphoric pop explosion.

Released on March 6, Superstar is a character-driven concept album focusing on the cost of attaining fame. The album satirizes those who succumb to creating solely to become famous while simultaneously revealing how it’s hard for artists to avoid such impulses. “To me, there’s both humor and horror in hubris and what it takes in order to be successful,” Rose admitted, describing this balance. “I wanted to make a story out of those parts of myself that I find largely undesirable and embarrassing, then inject them with steroids.”  

“Do You Think We’ll Last Forever?” finds the protagonist at the end of the first act of the album. Bolstered by confidence upon fully making an attempt to become a star and beginning a relationship, she is accompanied by a sense of paralysis that comes with making such monumental decisions.  The first half of this song lays in the depths of these anxieties. Rose then bursts into a soaring verse voicing the character’s reliance on their interest reciprocating their feelings in an emotional breakdown.

“Cause everything I do, baby, I do it for you /

Tell me that you want me ’cause I got to admit /

If you’re with someone else, I don’t think I could exist.”

This song also showcases how Rose frequently meshes humor into her deeply personal songwriting to address important topics. Her previous album, 2018’s fantastic LONER, is filled with character studies showing this, like “Money” or “Bikini.” Ultimately, “Do You Think We’ll Last Forever?” reminds listeners of the unsettling reality behind our glossy vision of fame.

Check out Rose’s phenomenal new album, Superstar, out on New West Records, now!

Featured image by Kayl Cooper; retrieved from Newsweek.