Moving On Is Hard | “always, i’ll care” – Jeremy Zucker


Imani Patterson, Writer/Volunteer

Jeremy Zucker released his new single, “always, I’ll care,” on Feb. 7 via Visionary Music Group and Republic Records. Zucker is known for his acoustic-like sound and his breakout song “comethru” reflects that.

For this track, Zucker uses a ukulele and a piano to give the song a light, airy sound. But don’t be fooled – the lyrics are heavier than you may think. Zucker talks about staying in a relationship or friendship even though he’s been hurt many times. In the chorus he promises, “I’ll be better than I was before, despite every text of yours ignored.” He then asks, “Will you call me still just to hear my voice?” The chorus ends with the statement and song title, “Always, I’ll care,” which shows that even though he’s been ignored, he’ll always care about this person. 

This track will give listeners a wave of nostalgia about old friends and lovers, as Zucker uses sound effects like sirens and isolated vocals to demonstrate this. This song is perfect for those late-night drives and adventures where you reminisce about the past.  

Most of Zucker’s music very much sounds like looking at old photographs. His most recent project with label mate Chelsea Cutler, brent, reflects that perfectly. They described the EP as a time capsule.  

Zucker’s new album, love is not dying, is scheduled to be released this spring followed by his upcoming summer tour. We suggest that you keep an eye out for the album release date and add it to your summer playlist.

Featured image by Jacklyn Krol/Recording Academy; retrieved from Grammy Awards.