Track and Field Travels to Jesse Owens and Princeton Meets

Michigan State track and field is at it again this weekend, sporting meets in Ohio and New Jersey.

The Jesse Owens Track Classic at Ohio State University is known to be a highly competitive meet, and is one that MSU attends on a yearly basis.

“There are typically two or three good teams that are there,” MSU head coach Walt Drenth said. “It’s a pretty prestigious meet, it doesn’t quite hold the prestige it did 15 years ago, but it meets our competitive needs, and that’s our primary reason for going”.

In terms of the Princeton meet, coach Drenth said that primarily the more experienced women runners would be attending and will look to get national-level competition.

“The top schools in the east will be there, this meet will give us the opportunity to see some really great people,” Drenth said.

With these two meets being the headlines for this weekend, the team cannot afford to lose sight of the bigger goal: the conference meet.

“We only have three really competitive opportunities remaining,” Drenth said. “We gotta really get going, we’re seeing some good things in practice that really need to start translating into competition.”

Whatever happens this weekend, one thing is for sure, the Jesse Owens and Princeton meets look to be highly competitive.

Ashanti Seabron is a multimedia journalist for Impact Sports.

Photo:by Nubia Buckingham/Impact Sports