Lansing United Releases Inaugural Schedule

On Tuesday, Lansing United released their schedule for their 2014 regular season.

The team will be playing a total of 14 games in the regular season, which will consist of seven home games and seven away games.

Lansing United will be competing in the Great Lakes West Conference as part of the Midwest Region against the Michigan Stars, Westfield Select, Detroit City FC and Cincinnati Saints.

The Midwest Region is broken down into three divisions, Great Lakes West Conference, Great Lakes East Conference and Great Lakes Central Conference.

Out of the 14 games, three of the games will be against out-of-conference opponents, Erie Admirals, FC Buffalo and Fort Pitt Regiment, who are a part of the Great Lakes East Conference.

The Midwest Region Champion will be decided by a tournament comprised of the winner of each of the three conferences, along with one wild card team.

All Lansing United home games will be played at the East Lansing Soccer Complex.

Lansing United 2014 Regular Season Schedule

5/16 H – Westfield
5/18 H – Michigan
5/23 A – Detroit
5/25 A – Michigan
5/31 A – Erie
6/1 A – Fort Pitt
6/6 H – Cleveland
6/8 A – Cincinnati
6/22 A – Westfield
6/29 H – Buffalo
7/4 H – Cincinnati
7/6 A – Michigan
7/11 H – Westfield
7/13 H – Detroit

Brooks Laimbeer is a multimedia journalist for Impact Sports.

Photo: Lansing United