Love In The Time Of Lexapro | Oneohtrix Point Never

Andrew Younker

Ambient/noise savant, Daniel Lopatin, is back to work crafting surrealist audio magic after his latest LP, Age Of, dropped in June. With a new single comes the announcement of a full EP featuring Yellow Magic Orchestra’s Ryuichi Sakamoto and Alex G, titled Love In The Time Of Lexapro. With themes of late-capitalist horror and the ramifications of deep internet sprinkled all throughout his extensive discography, the title of this project proves to be especially pointed and sardonic. Set to drop this November, Lopatin gifts us the title track of the project ahead of time as a teaser, one we’re especially excited to hear the rest of.

“Love In The Time Of Lexapro,” is a headphones-only listen. Kicking off with a shower of grainy, brightly textured chords followed by a deep 808 sub-bass, this is one of Lopatin’s best intros yet. The chords abruptly cut, leaving only the low end and the eventual synth note or high-end percussion. The song builds with titanic forward momentum from then on as his signature sawtooth synth brings the lead-melody to join a chorus of counterpoint structures and watery strings. There is a perpetual falling motion throughout the track, like a calm water turning toward a rapid waterfall as it reaches the edge of safety. Without further explanation, this track serves as a perfect lead single for Lopatin’s upcoming project which releases November 23 on Warp Records.