Sana Hakim

Together, Future and Zaytoven paint a powerful portrait of Future’s deepest introspection.

In a surprise return, the rapper-producer duo have debuted a sequel to the original Beast Mode mixtape from 2015. Beast Mode 2 closes with “HATE THE REAL ME”, a haunting elucidation of Future’s darkest thoughts. The beat provides a triumphant and decisive undercurrent to lyrics brimming with doubt and insecurity. Future bares his soul to us on this track, lamenting his tormentors one by one, from drug addiction and romantic struggles to getting shot at 17.

The heart of this track lies in its chorus, where after spiraling through a mental chaos, Future runs to a predictable coping mechanism for salvation. He repeats “I’m tryna get high as I can” over and over, almost as a cry to anyone who will listen. There is no moral to the story or happy ending to this tape. Just a poignant confession from a troubled Future.