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Thee After Hourz 3/1/2018


Show Playlist:

10 PM

Pantera – Cowboys From Hell

Atlantean Kodex – Twelve Stars And An Azure Gown

Visigoth – Outlive Them All

Havok – Fatal Intervention

Black Fast – The Fall

Iron Maiden – Powerslave

Sylosis – Empyreal (Part 1) 

Iron Reagan – Take The Fall

Septicflesh – The Vampire From Nazareth

Dark Funeral – Where Shadows Forever Reign

Thy Antichrist – Metal To The Bone


11 PM

Har – From The Blood Of A Whirling Dagger

Dying Fetus – Ethos Of Coercion

Bloodbath – So You Die

Necrophobic – Mark Of The Necrogram

Primitive Man – Victim

Spectral Voice – Visions of Psychic Dismemberment

Gatecreeper – Dead Inside

Hibria – Living Under Ice

Serenity – Eternal Victory

Disembowel – Lord of Shadows

Ziggurat – Summoning The Giant Serpent

Fetid – Coalescing Decay


12 AM

Fall Of Efrafa – Beyond The Veil

Fall Of Efrafa – Dominion Theology

Fall Of Efrafa – For El Ahrairah To Cry


1 AM

Morbid Angel – Chapel Of Ghouls [request]

Deathwhite – The Grace Of The Dark

Hyborian – As Above, So Below

Coldawn- La Primivera No Llegara Esta Vez

Lumnos – Primordial Darkness

Long Song of the Week:

Stone Wings – Bird Of Stone Wings


Upcoming Shows:

Havok @ The Loving Touch on March 7

Septicflesh, Dark Funeral, Thy Antichrist @ Harpos on March 7

Dying Fetus, Rivers of Nihil @ The Crofoot on March 20

Primitive Man, Spectral Voice @ Macs Bar on March 21


Top Albums of the Week


  • Gatecreeper – Split (Relapse)
  • Iron Reagan- Split (Relapse)
  • Hyborian – Vol. 1 (Season Of Mist)
  • Necrophobic – Mark Of The Necrogram (Century Media)
  • Coldawn – …In The Dawn (Avantgarde Music)
  • Disembowel – Plagues and Ancient Rites (Iron Bonehead)
  • Thy Antichrist – Wrath of the Beast (Napalm Records)
  • Ziggurat – Ritual Miasma (Blood Harvest)
  • Deathwhite – For a Black Tomorrow (Season of Mist)
  • Lumnos – Ancient Shadoes of Saturn (Avantgarde)



Hello listeners,

We hope you enjoyed our thrashback this week! Rabbit metal is a thing. Elil by Fall of Efrafa is the record from that sect of music, the rabbit theme originating from the group’s taking heavy inspiration from Richard Adams 1972 epic novel Watership Down. Thanks as always for all the requests this week, Iron Maiden, Sylosis, and Morbid Angel are a great slew of groups that we got to put on air thanks to your impeccable taste listeners. The new Gatecreeper/Iron Reagan split on Relapse is excellent if you’re looking for some more upbeat new tunes this week. Lots of shows in March so check those out and look for Thee Hourz crew at quite a few of them. Thanks for tuning in to Thee Hourz O’ Power.

– Hell Spawn


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