Thee After Hourz 2/22/18


Hell Spawn

Show Playlist:

10 PM


Death – Crystal Mountain [request]

Shambles – Dismal Pantheons

Nocturnus – Lake of Fire

Demigod – Slumber of Sullen Eyes

Infernal Legion – In Hell We Reign

Darkest Hour – Demon(s)

Be’lakor – Fraught

Bloodshot Dawn – Godless

Mammoth Grinder – Divine Loss

Repulsion – The Stench of Burning Death

Vacant Future – Spirit of Spite

Anti-Cimex – When the Innocent Die

Napalm Death – Negative Approach

Discharge – Protest & Survive

Disrupt – Dog Eat Dog


11 PM

Sabaton – Wolfpack

Kreator – Under The Guillotine

Candle – Vengeance

Sadus – Certain Death [request]

Watain – Reaping Death

Destroyer 666 – I Am The Wargod (Ode To The Battle Slain)

Avslut – Forlorad

Esoctrilihum – Abyssus Caliginum

Demonomancy – The Day Of The Lord

Blind Guardian – Nightfall

Kamelot – March Of Mephisto


12 AM

Necrophobic – Mark Of The Necrogram

Necrophobic – Odium Caecum

Necrophobic – Tsar Bomba

Necrophobic – Lamashtu

Necrophobic – Sacrosanct

Necrophobic – Pesta

Necrophobic – Requiem For A Dying Sun

Necrophobic – Crown Of Horns

Necrophobic – From The Great Above To The Great Below

Necrophobic – Undergangen

The Atlas Moth – Chloroform


1 AM

Cult of Luna – A Greater Call

Burst – Cripple God

Eigenlicht – Labrys

Winterlore – Tyrant Moon

Windhand – Old Evil

Zocalo – The Malaise

Long Song of the Week:

Ash Borer – Descended Lamentations



Darkest Hour @ The Loft on February 23

Mammoth Grinder @ Cellerman’s on February 25

Sabaton & Kreator @ 20 Monroe Live on February 26

Watain & Destroyer 666 @ St. Andrews Hall on February 28


Top Albums Of The Week


  • Necrophobic – Mark of The Necrogram (Century Media)
  • Shambles – Primitive Death Trance (Blood Harvest)
  • Atlas Moth, The – Coma Noir (Prosthetic Records)
  • Demonomancy – Poisoned Atonement (Invictus)
  • Windhand & Satan’s Satyrs – Split (Relapse Records)
  • Eigenlicht – Self-Annihilating Consciousness (I, Voidhanger)
  • Infernal Legion – Under The Cloven Hoof (Moribund Records)
  • Esoctrilihum – Pandaemorthium (I, Voidhanger)
  • Avslut – Deceptis (Osmose Productions)
  • Candle – The Keeper’s Curse (Fighter Records)



A weak week on the Hourz for adds this week. Not too much in the way of brand new music we loved but some gems to be had in amongst the mediocre. We introduced new genres to the show as well this week! Punk/Grind/Crust metal got its due as well as Post Metal. Coffee Shop metal was instigated as a trve subgenre thanks to Nameless Intern. A trve innovator. Also replacing u’s with v’s is STUPID. Necrophobic’s new record slaps pretty good if you weren’t listening to the feature. In other news we’re thinking about playing Anal Cunt’s masterpiece ‘Kyle from Incantation has a Moustache’ every week layered on top of a different Incantation track so let us know if that surely beautiful soundscape would please your ears. Thanks for the requests as always and thanks for listening in once again to Thee Hourz O’ Power! Also Rory Flay is in too many bands, man.

– Hell Spawn