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Thee Hourz O’ Power 10/5/17


10 PM

King Diamond – Welcome Home

Light This City – Exile

Sepultura – Arise

Megadeth – Last Rites / Loved To Death

Mastodon – Scorpion Breath

Earthship – Safeguard Of Death

Atheist – Piece of Time [request]

Isis – So Did We

Elder – Deadweight

Satan – Break Free

Ice War – Standing Rock

Jag Panzer – Born Of The Flame

Asagraum – Transformation

11 PM

Graveworm – Beauty Of Malice

Manilla Road – Road Of Kings

Death Warrant – Moonchild

Ago – El Verdugo

3 Inches Of Blood – Night Marauders

The Black Dahlia Murder – Matriarch

Arkaik – Telegnosis

Horrified – Unanswered

Centenary – Kolchak

DRI – Violent Pacification

Necromante – Secret Eye

12 AM

Wolves In The Throne Room – Born From The Serpent’s Eye

Wolves In The Throne Room – The Old Ones Are With Us

Wolves In The Throne Room – Angrboda

Wolves In The Throne Room – Mother Owl, Father Ocean

Wolves In The Throne Room – Fires Roar In The Palace Of The Moon

Skeletonwitch – Beyond The Permafrost

Draghkar – World Unraveled

Ensepulcher – No Sanctity In Death

1 AM

Antarktis – Svalbard

Bloodmoon – Nothing Is Special, Nobody Cares

Battle Dagorath – Asteres Planetai

Enisum – Road To My Home

The Slow Death – The Long March

Thee Hourz O’ Power

      • As usual, here are some shows that might be of interest:
      • October 19th is looking to be a great night of shows. Whether you’re into crossover, death metal, or good old fashioned heavy metal, there will be a quality show out there for you. Of course, if you can’t go to any of these shows, you can always sit at home and listen to yet another masterfully crafted playlist by us, with some complaining about not being able to go to these shows in between.
      • I mentioned the trove of CD’s that Lore Lord from Sauron gave me both on air and on the facebook page, but I haven’t actually listed out what I actually got from him. Here they are:
        • Various Artists, Spanish Steel Attack Vol. 1 (Compilation of Spanish-speaking bands, mainly traditional)
        • Whipstriker – Seven Inches of Hell (Speed metal from Brazil)
        • Demon Bitch – Hellfriends (Traditional heavy metal from Michigan)
        • Death Warrant – Time of Dying (Trad/Thrash from Mexico)
        • The Swill – Master of Delusion (Heavy metal from Lansing)
        • Satyrasis – Creation of Failure (Tech thrash/death from Lansing)
      • If you want to discover an obscure South American band, some underappreciated local talent, or anything underground, you can peruse Lore Lord’s wares at any show Sauron is playing in.
      • I alluded last week that we’re working on a secret little project the past week and a half.  We’re glad to unveil a Spotify playlist of essential metal and personal favorites handpicked by Spaceman, Bacchus, and Terrorsquid. You can listen to this 10+ hour, 150+ song behemoth here. We acknowledge that, as with any list claiming to have the ‘essentials’, there will be some snubs. We had to limit some big name bands so it’s not just 6 hours each of Iron Maiden and Judas Priest, not that there’s anything wrong with that. In keeping with the spirit of playlist, we limited it to one song each given an album, and no band appears more than 3 times. The bands that do appear 3 times have enough variety across their discographies that we can justify having them this much, think Judas Priest in the 70’s, 80’s and Painkiller.  Think our playlist is trash and we’re missing [one of your personal favorites]? Let us know! An embarrassingly high amount of Dragonforce (i.e. 1 song) aside, we’re quite proud of this playlist and hope you enjoy listening to it!

    That’s all folks. Talk to ya again next week.


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