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Thee Hourz O’ Power 7/13/17



Motorhead – Ace of Spades

Judas Priest – Screaming For Vengeance

Edguy – The Mountaineer

Pathfinder – The Lord Of Wolves

Candlemass – Bewitched [request]

Septicflesh – Dante’s Inferno

Gojira – The Axe

Origin – Invariance Under Transformation

Old Man’s Child – Millenium King

One Master – Will Of The Shadow

Chateau – Our Empire Of Stolen Breath

Metallica – Motorbreath


Alestorm – Death Throes Of The Terrorsquid [request]

Integrity – I Am The Spell

Dark Tranquillity – Lost To Apathy

Aborted – Fallacious Crescendo

Execration – Return To The Void

Cannabis Corpse – Chronic Breed

Sauron on Hades Archer

Hades Archer – Offer Your Blood To The Dark

Sauron on their favorite albums

Rainbow – Light In The Black

Holy Terror – Christian Resistance

Sauron on their favorite blackened thrash albums, and the Antichrist show

Aura Noir – Black Thrash Attack

Bathory – Hades

Cadaver – Heartworm

12 AM

Midnight – Satanic Royalty

Sauron on Conquest Through Attrition, their lyrics

Double feature: Sauron – Conquest Through Attrition / Antichrist – Forbidden World

Sauron – Blood for the Savage Blade

Sauron – Twisted Metal Minds

Sauron – Absolute Hell

Sauron – Black Sorcery

Sauron – Rotten and Ready

Sauron – One Foot In The Grave

Sauron – Conquest Through Attrition

Sauron on their upcoming shows, their following

Antichrist – Dark Sorcery

Antichrist – Militia of Death

Antichrist – Torment in Hell

Antichrist – Forbidden World

Antichrist – Necropolis

Antichrist – Victims of the Blade

Antichrist – Death Rays

Antichrist – Sign of the Beast

Antichrist – Minotaur

Antichrist – Terror Dimension

1 AM

Wren – In Great Yield

Moradin – Celestial Waters

Aera – An Affirmation Of Forsworn Vows

Wildernessking – The Devil Within

Thee After Hourz O’ Power

  • The Hades Archer, Abysmal Lord, Sauron and others show is tonight (if you’re reading this at July 14th) at New Dodge! This is the best black metal show so far this year in Michigan. Doomy from Sauron aptly described Hades Archer as hateful black metal from South America, the way it should be. If that doesn’t convince you to go, then you may just be a poser, bro. Don’t feel bad because I too will be a poser have to unfortunately miss the show. Bill Burr, one of my favorite stand up comedians, is coming to Grand Rapids that same night. I’ll get my fill of rage one way or another.
  • There’s another awesome show coming up in the Detroit area, this time with Antichrist, Shitfucker and Sekkusu at Corktown Tavern on July 15th. Antichrist released an album this year (I won’t link to their album that’s directly on youtube because there might be some copyright law, but you can find it very easily. UPDATE: Just kidding, here it is)  and are traveling all the way from Sweden to tour all over the US. I mentioned this before but Antichrist reminds me a lot of a fusion between Black Fast and Kreator. They’re similar to Black Fast in the sense both have one really fast gear and rarely seem to step off of it, and their riff wizardry are on the same level. Kreator is the top comparison for them according to metal-archives, and I can totally hear the European thrash influence there. If you’re a big thrash fan like me, I recommend checking out the show and giving them a reason to come back to Michigan.
  • It’s unusual for us to double feature two full-length albums and as a result we didn’t finish our features until 1:20 AM. Sauron and Antichrist are well worth the exposure and these types of shows deserve to be packed. If I could have, I totally would have triple-featured and also played Hades Archer’s vile gem from 2011 For The Diabolical Ages. Or their monumentally phallic EP that has 44 reviews on Metal-Archives.
  • Shoutout to Sauron for a fun interview and for sharing us. Awesome dudes. Sauron is no strangers to Hourz, as they did an interview with an Hourz team from a time long past. We chatted in one of their houses and it was decked out in classic albums, and just a bunch of cool decor, metal and non-metal. We aired the parts where they talked about their personal favorite albums so we listed them below. There was also a lot of great content that we didn’t air that we will release eventually, such as the story behind their song Poser Holocaust (it involves the guy with a Pantera tattoo in the first few lines) and them talking about posers in general. Without further ado, here are some of the albums mentioned in the interview and bragging about their excellent taste:
    • Sauron’s favorite albums:
      • Hawaii – One Nation Underground (Lore Lord)
      • Holy Terror – Mind Wars (Cyriis)
      • Rainbow – Rising (Doomy)
    • Sauron’s top blackened thrash albums:
      • Aura Noir – Black Thrash Attack (Lore Lord, Doomy)
      • Cadaver – Necrosis (Cyriis)
      • Destroyer 666 – Unchain The Wolves (Doomy)
      • Bathory – Bathory (Doomy)
    • Random Recommendations by Lore Lord:
      • Hypnosia – Extreme Hatred
      • Deathhammer
      • Phantom Knights
      • Antichrist – Sinful Birth

That’s all for now. Thank you for listening and I’ll see you next Thursday.


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