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Thee Hourz O’ Power 6/15/17



Metallica – (Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth

Metal Church – Battalions

Iced Earth – Great Heathen Army

Sabaton – Sparta

Voivod – Tribal Convictions

Coroner – Absorbed

The Chasm – Architects of Melancholic Apocalypse

Sadus – Certain Death

Suffocation – Your Last Breaths

Immolation – Father, You’re Not a Father

Necrophobic – Father of Creation


Bathory – Father To Son

Amon Amarth – Father Of The Wolf

Aposento – Bleeding Flesh

Exmortus – Glory on the Battlefield

Alestorm – No Grave But The Sea

3 Inches Blood – Deadly Sinners

Motorhead – Iron Fist

D.R.I.  – Who Am I

Nuclear Assault – Critical Mass

Napalm Death – Pseudo Youth

Vehementer – Crush The Oathbreaker

Desaster – The Oath of An Iron Ritual

Destroyer 666 – Sons of Perdition

Vektor – Charging the Void

12 AM

Fellwarden – Guardian Unbound

Fellwarden – Sun of Ending

Fellwarden – In Death Valiant

Fellwarden – Wayfarer Eternal

Fellwarden – A Cairn – Keeper’s Request

Fellwarden – Sorrowborn

Tombs – Cold

Neurosis – A Shadow Memory

1 AM

Church of Misery – Megalomania

Black Sabbath – Sabbath Bloody Sabbath

Pentagram – Burning Rays

Belphegor – Hell’s Ambassador

Behemoth – Pazuzu

Oranssi Pazuzu – Värähtelijä

Blaze of Sorrow – Andromeda

Alcest – Faiseurs De Mondes

Elder – Legend


After Hourz:

  • By the time you read this, I will be laying on my bed on drugs and eating ice cream recovering from surgery. As a result this show had to be prerecorded. Regardless, I hope there isn’t much drop-off between the live and pre-recorded show. Maybe this show is among the best you’ve heard in a while, mainly because this playlist was mainly sculpted by yours truly for once. That said, a genuine shoutout to Terrorsquid for being on the ball with making the playlist each week (except this one because I had to rush it to record right away) the past few months.
  • You can probably tell my paws are all over this playlist with the sheer amount of thrash I put in there. In fairness, some of these bands barely get played because Terrorsquid understandably isn’t as familiar with that genre as I am.
  • I was told that if I were to actually start liking power metal, Iced Earth would be the band that would get me started. I gave the newest album a chance and it just didn’t do much for me. There were some worthy enough songs but ultimately we decided to feature yet another atmospheric black metal band Fellwarden. Maybe I should check out Iced Earth’s older stuff instead.
  • Father’s Day is coming up, so do something nice for your dad. If not, listen to that Immolation song again.
  • Speaking of atmospheric black, if you’ve noticed a dramatic uptick of that lately, you can thank or direct your scorn at Terrorsquid. Personally I find good atmospheric to be pleasant and there’s no better genre to listen to while passively doing something else. For example, I read most of The Martian while listening Darkspace I-III and it was great. That said, having exponentially increased my intake of atmospheric black metal (ABM) in my short time here at Hourz, I think the marketplace of ABM as becoming saturated. Mediocre ABM  sounds like the musical equivalent of running in place for 10 minutes. Terrorsquid casts a much wider net on this than I do, and I know some of our listeners love ABM, so we’ll continue to play it.

That’s all folks. See you next Thursday,



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