Pleaser | Wallows


Autumn Miller

A trio consisting of Cole Preston, Braeden Lemasters, and Thirteen Reasons Why’s Dylan Minette, the Los Angeles-based group, Wallows, is fresh-faced and ready to take over the alt-rock music scene. The group gives fans of bands like The Strokes a little honey for the ears with their debut single, “Pleaser,” which came out on April 12th.

The song, which details the life of an awkward, young-adult who bites his tongue far too often in far too many ill-circumstances, doesn’t shy away from percussion one bit. The booming drums couple with a choppy yet solid bassline, making it nearly impossible for one to avoid bobbing his head to its rhythm. Don’t worry about the trepidation it exudes, though- it only feeds its instrumentals that much more. Teenage dread is inevitable, so why not pair it with a genre that already feeds angst so well?

While there hasn’t been much news about a potential upcoming album, keep an eye out for more singles in the near future. I have a hunch that after the success of this track, the band won’t be slowing down anytime soon. If Julian Casablancas can’t give us anything new, then someone needs to, and Wallows doesn’t want to ignore that fact.