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DJ Spotlight of the Week | Sarah Dropsey


This week’s DJ Spotlight is Impact’s very own Promotions Director, Sarah Dropsey! Not only is she an employee at the station, but she is also on street team, music review, air staff, and content team. This upcoming Wednesday will be her first show as the new co-host of Pity Party, so make sure to tune in from 8PM-10PM!.

1. What made you decide to join Impact and become a DJ?

Coming in to MSU I knew it was a big school,so it was important that I found a group of people that I fit in with. I saw the Impact’s booth at our freshman orientation and decided to join the island of misfit toys.

2. What has been your best on air experience?

This isn’t necessarily an on air experience so much as just DJ’ing in general, but honestly just discovering new music. Every week I come across an artist that I didn’t know before, which is always fun.

3. How do you think working in radio will affect your future career and life?

That would imply that I knew what my future career and life would look like. But seriously, working at the Impact has shown me the “behind the scenes” aspect of the music industry so I think it could be cool to stay in the field. At the very least I think it has improved my public speaking, I only stumble over my words about 75% of the time now.

4. What is your favorite part of the station?

There’s not much I don’t like about it. There’s the people- I’ve met a good majority of my closest friends through the Impact. The music- maybe I’m biased but I think we play great music and we usually have our monitors turned up so you can hear us on air. Not to mention the free coffee.

5. If you could play an artist non-stop on the air, which would it be?

Today I’ll tell you Brand New and tomorrow my answer would be Ratboys or Modern Baseball. I don’t think I could pick a single artist but I can definitely say it’d be emo or punk. Imagine the Pity Party but 24/7.

6. What is the best concert experience you have had? Why?

Definitely a few months ago the Impact presented Twin Peaks at Mac’s Bar in Lansing. It’s my job to set up those shows and I was SO NERVOUS that something was going to go wrong. Thankfully nothing did and I just remember dancing in the crowd with a bunch of people I cared about and it was perfect.


Our next DJ Spotlight of the Week will be released on 4/10.

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