The Basement 11/17/16


Dom Korzecke

Tonight on The Basement we had on Young Pioneer who played some live tunes and hyped their upcoming show at the loft on December 3rd. Playlist Below:

Jason Alarm – Monica

Handgrenades – Settle for You

The Fever Haze – So What

Epoxy – Epoxy

Cake Jetski – Cronus

Breathe Owl Breathe – Swimming

~Interview with Young Pioneer~

Krissy Booth – Fire

Olivia Mainville – Some Other Day

Cheap Girls – Knock me Over

Marvels – So Drone

Dirt – My Size

Entransient – Take What’s Left

Jake Down and the Midwest Mess – Shipwreck Park 2

All is Well – In Due Time

The People’s Temple – Nevermore

Brotha James – Animal

Grey Matter – Knots

Desmond Jones – Nesbit