Impact Presents | S U R V I V E at the El Club


Travis Root

Impact presents, S U R V I V E and Majeure at the El Club, Detroit, on Saturday, Nov 5

The Impact is proud to host Texas-based electronic quartet S U R V I V E and solo-project Majeure this Saturday at the El Club in Detroit.

S U R V I V E, an experiment in dark-n-stormy synths and 80s analogue fuzz, entered the public ear this summer with the premiere of Stranger Things, a critically-acclaimed Netflix original for which the band composed an inventively haunting soundtrack.

Their standalone music is similarly ominous, a heavy dose of drones and atmosphere accompanying noisy drum loops and arpeggiated Moog synthesizers — their live shows are no different. With all four musicians commanding vintage synths and jamming to drum machines while audiences sift absorbedly through the murk, it’ll be a spooky night to put last weekend to shame.

Opening solo act Majeure supports this instrumental aesthetic with a churning, patient sound reminiscent of the soundtrack from 1982’s Blade Runner, taking audiences through eerie synth melodies that could easily score cyberpunk chase scenes.

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You can also check out some of our favorite tracks from these artists, and come to the El Club this Saturday, November 5th, for an Impact-hosted night of experimental electronics and synth-soaked mystery. See you there!