Episode 16: Down Goes D’Souza


Zachary Swiecicki

With Zane D’Souza out, Zachary Swiecicki and Ashanti Seabron breakdown the top stories of the week and preview the packed weekend of sports. 

Almost Breaking News is back for the second episode in a row. The news of Drew Sharp passing away hits the Bandwagon.

The WINdians are in the World Series, but the Dodgers and Cubs are still playing for the other spot. Kershaw will start on Saturday, who do the guys like in Game 6?

It’s already Week 7 in the National Football League. The Lions have won two-straight, can they make it three?

The reports about Josh Brown and his domestic violence case have brought light to the NFL’s level of care, or lack thereof, about this issue.

Of course, Zach and Ashanti make their picks for the week. Zach looks to bounce back after a rough week, and Ashanti will try to grow his lead in the standings.

Last, NBA is gearing up and the NHL has just started. Who will have the better season: Pistons or Red Wings?