The Basement 6/2/16


Dom Korzecke

Tonight on The Basement we had 2 hours of awesome local jams! Playlist below:

Alaska – Oakridge

Grey Matter – Knots

Matt Wixons Flying Circus – Dangerous Plans

Stories Untold – Audite

All is Well – Let Go

The Class Acts – Let you Pick

Fit the Bill – Get it Together Mikey

Amateur Eyes – Melodramaticism

A War Within – Let You Go

Brotha James – Animal

The Plurals – La La La

Mountain Club – Ocean Floor

Cheap Girls – Slow Nod

Cave Needles – Reverie

Rent Strike – Directly Dysfunction

Girls Who Care – Out Here

The Lansing Unionized Vaudeville Spectacle – The Politician

Squirrel Shaped Fish – Envy of the Sun

Olivia Mainville and The Aquatic Troupe- Only So Young

Frontier Ruckus – Silverfishes

Dave Menzo- Old Soul

Rival Summers- Tired Eyes

Lights and Caves- Tragedy Is No

The Tiny Ugly Germs- Deployment Patch

Small Parks- Oakland

Bad Dates- Highway Lanes

Bad Dates- Round and Around

The Vulnerable- Dead City Nights

Joe Hertler and The Rainbow Seekers- Oh, Dear Lover

Michigander – Nineties

The Crane Wives – Steady Steady

Less is More – Maybe Well Die