Spirits | The Strumbellas


Claire Postelli

With a clapping chorus “I got guns in my head and they won’t go / Spirits in my head and they won’t go / But the gun still rattles / The gun still rattles, oh,” The Strumbellas song “Spirits” is the first single on their latest album, Hope.

Lead singer Simon Ward described the song to Riff You“Basically the song is about fighting your inner demons,” said Ward. “Trying to change and become a better person in life. I write songs to reflect where I’m at in life, and this song is me saying to the world that I’m doing my absolute best right now to be a good person.”

At this point in the semester, I think we can all relate to trying our hardest to do our best. The last few lines of the song make the album title all-the-more relevant, “And I don’t want a never ending life, I just want to be alive while I’m still here.”

With exams quickly approaching, take a few breaths and blare this song because just livin’ life is half of the battle.