The Basement 3/3/16


Dom Korzecke

This week on The Basement we had on Tangelo and they talked about The Lodges and music! Playlist below:

Hailey Wojick – Cigarette

The Fiction Junkies – Unraveled

Peter Hochstedlar – O My Brain

The Lansing Unionized Vaudeville Spectacle – The Politician

Dave Menzo – Old Soul

Tiny Ugly Germs – Barefoot

Less is More – Maybe Well Die

Jason Alarm – Wild Zero

Kim Vi and the Siblings – Josephine

Breathe Owl Breathe – House of Gold

Olivia Mainville and the Aquatic Troupe – Only So Younge

The Devils Cut – Antium

Mountain Babies – You and Me

Alaska – Lucid Delusion

WanderJahr – I Need Time

Charmer – Frankie Muniz

Heavier than Air Flying Machines – Soliloquy from the Dision Sphere

The Hunky Newcomers – Lets Smoke Cigarettes!

Mustard Plug – Hit me Hit me!

Off the Ledge – Better Day

Stefanie Haapala – Mr Rocket

Bad Dates – Round and Around

The Hex Bombs – None Shall be Forgotten

Michigander – Ghost

Joe Hertler – Carbon C14

~Interview with Tangelo~