Arcadia | The Kite String Tangle


Diamond Henry

Oh, look, it’s February, the month of love.

Not to be a somber Sally here, but today’s jam is not going to be about that. “Arcadia” by the Aussie-based musician The Kite String Tangle is about a breakup that was meant for the best.

Even though it’ll make you wish they could make it with lyrics:“You were trying to make it work/You were sleeping in my shirt,” this song just just shows that not everything is meant to be.

The song is, however, quite beautiful and relaxing. If you just had a breakup,I recommend this to you. It’ll help you chill out and realize that you are a fierce, independent go-getter.

Besides, you got better and brighter things to look forward to- like that candy and chocolate that’s going to be 50 percent off starting this week! So go treat yourself to some tunes and some treats!

The Kite String Tangle’s EP Vessel is available on Spotify and Soundcloud.