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Goodbye, MSU | Nick Sanchez
Goodbye, MSU | Nick Sanchez
Nick Sanchez, Airstaff Coach • April 24, 2024
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Asian Music Mondays | Cover Artists Edition


Asian Music Mondays 11/16/2015

This week on Asian Music Mondays Jess and Lulu bring you something a little different. Tune in for cover artists of songs that were originally sung by well known artists. From JPOP to Chinese Ballads, you’ll hear from a variety of cover artists on Impact Asian Music Mondays from 8pm to 10pm

[su_accordion][su_spoiler title=”Tonight’s Playlist” style=”simple”]

CREAM – “Rude” (Japan 2014)
Original Artist: MAGIC!

Ging – “Hello, goodbye” (Thailand 2014)
Original Artist : 효린 /  Hyo  Lyn

Hazel Faith – “Come Back Home” (Philippines 2014)
Original Artist: 2NE1

Gareth Fernandez, Benjamin Kheng, Dee Kosh, Nathan Hartono, Dru Chen & Shigga Shay – “Uptown Funk” (Singapore 2015)
Original Artist: Bruno Mars

The Sam Willows – “Shut up and Dance” (Singapore 2015)
Original Artist: Walk the Moon

ARTIE – “Blank Space” (Thailand 2015)
Original Artist: Taylor Space

Luna Gayageum – “All along the the watchtower” (Korea 2014)
Original Artist: Bob Dylan

Daeho & Jungmin – “CALL ME BABY” (Korea 2015)
Original Artist: EXO

Noella Sisterina – “Dan” (Indonesia 2015)

Original Artist: Sheila on 7

JPsoliva x VenSiy – “Give Love” (Philippines 2015)

Original Artist: Akdong Musician

Freeman – “歌 / High” (China 2012)
Original Artist: Isabelle Ling aka Huang Ling

高豪力 / Gerald Ko – “我的歌聲裡 / You Exist in My Song” (China 2012)
Original Artist: Wanting Qu

NAM (New Asian Music)
Feature album: Z.Tao by Huang Zi Tao

黄子韬 / Huang Zi Tao – “皇冠 / Crown” (China 2015)

黄子韬 / Huang Zi Tao – “Cinderella Girl” (China 2015)

黄子韬 / Huang Zi Tao – “Feel Awake” (China 2015)


Jannine Weigel – “Love Me Like You Do” (Thailand, 2015)
Original Artist: Ellie Goulding

Jason Chen – “Just Give Me A Reason” (Taiwan, 2013)
Original Artist: P!NK

あたり こうすけ / Kousuke Atari – “心の阳 / The Heart’s Sun And Moon” (Japan 2006)
Original Artist: 王力宏 / Leehom Wang

A-FU / 邓福如 – “Nothin On You” (Taiwan, 2011)
Original Artist: B.O.B feat. Bruno Mars

Calculasian – “The Era of Jay (Part I) / 依然周杰伦 (上)” (China, 2014)

Calculasian – “The Era of Jay (Part II) / 依然周杰伦 (下)” (China, 2014)
A cappella mash-up, original artist: Jay Chou / 周杰伦

Guoyue Liao / 廖国钺 (feat. Yiming Xu) – “Lost Sandbank / “ (China, 2013)
Original Artist: Lala Hsu / 徐佳莹

Robynn & Kendy – “A Brighter Future / 海阔天空” (Hong Kong, 2013)
Original Artist: Beyond

MACO – “We are never ever getting back together (Japanese Ver.)” (Japan, 2014)
Original Artist: Taylor Swift

Meiwen Chen / 陈每文 – “My Future / 我的未来式” (China, 2009)
Original Artist: Amber Kuo / 郭采洁

Rachel Liu / 刘瑞琦 – “Ukulele / 乌克丽丽” (China, 2015)
Original Artist: Jay Chou

Charice – “The One That Got Away” (Philippines, 2013)
Original Artist: Katy Perry


HUGE SHOUTOUT TO OUR WINNER OF OUR FACBOOK 300th LIKE CONTEST: JONATHAN! Tune in next week for a Jonathan-inspired playlist!


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