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The Front Bottoms are Back On Tour


Anyone who has been to a Front Bottoms show knows that their concerts start with an opening song and end in an all out dance party.  

The vibes generated from the Majestic Theatre’s stage radiated through the crowd on Wednesday, October 28th. Arms unfolded and bodies swayed to singer Brian Sella’s rambling lyrics and acoustic chords.

Accompanied by balloons, bubbles, and TFB inflatables, the band started the show with fan favorites “Skeleton” and “Laugh Til I Cry” — a song off their new album Back on Top. The rest of the setlist did not disappoint. The Front Bottoms played songs as old as “12 Feet Deep” and as new as “Help.”

Bodies flew overhead throughout the show. Many fans made it onto the stage, got chased off by security, and dove back into the pit. One fan managed to grab Sella. He was pulled away by security, taking both auxiliary cords and Brian Uychich’s keyboard down with him and momentarily halting the music.

The band was back on track after Sella stopped the altercation and let the fan leap back into the crowd. The band performed “The Beers” with satisfaction on their faces as the crowd roared when they heard the opening drum roll. The fans voices were heard throughout the theatre singing, “You like a man with muscles / And I like you” as Sella stopped singing to show off his muscles.

As GDP joined the band on stage to perform “Historic Cemetery,” Sella proclaimed, “Nobody can smoke weed like this man.” Judging by his blood-shot-eyed giggle and ability to rap the rest of the song, I believe that to be true.

I’m not sure if I’d say there was an encore for their set, as Sella stated, “So, we’re going to leave the stage for sec, and then come back and play like four more songs.” Thanks for the heads up, Brian.

As the band shuffled backstage, Uychich remained on stage to read the crowd an excerpt from The Hobbit. This answered why Sella asked the crowd if anyone liked the series earlier in the show.

Upon finishing his reading, the band returned to the stage and finished off the show with “Twin-Sized Mattress.” Myself, my best friends, and the rest of the The Front Bottoms fans shared a moment I can’t possibly justify in words. I turned around to see almost every face gazing at the band, hands in the air, belting out their favorite lyrics, and the band loving every second of it.

If you weren’t a fan of The Front Bottoms already, you were after this show. Hearing their music live is a completely different experience from hearing their albums through your headphones or radio. The band presents an energy that can only be experienced live.

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