Chvrches at the Masonic Temple


Martha Kaser

The Scottish synth-pop trio CHVRCHES dominated the stage of the beautiful Masonic Temple in Detroit on October 8th. Artists that possess the amount of energy and bass that the group’s vocalist Lauren Mayberry, guitarist Iain Cook, and keyboardist Martin Doherty put into stage presence are rare to find, and this crowd responded accordingly.

Beginning with the newly released Every Open Eye’s “Never Ending Circles” and ending with The Bones of What You Believe’s The Mother We Share” proceeding a deafening encore, CHVRCHES played a perfect mix of old and new. Featured was the best of both of their albums, including “We Sink,” “Recover”, “Leave A Trace”, “Make Them Gold”, with chatty banter regarding the band’s impressions of the city of Detroit, the terrifyingly haunted basement of the Masonic Temple, and Scottish humor sprinkled in between songs.

The visuals during the show were on par with the sounds bursting from the stage. With each song came a light show of a new color scheme that were parallel to the beats, enhancing the overall memorability of the experience, giving both eyes and ears an extreme music fix. CHVRCHES put on an outstanding show that drew crowds full of music lovers of all ages, and I would be very surprised if anyone left unhappy.