Asian Music Monday | 8.10.15

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Asian Music Monday | 8.10.15

Jessica Lee

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This week on Asian Music Monday, your host Lu and Tie bring you the latest and greatest music throughout Asia, including Korea, Japan, mainland China, Hong Kong, Singapore and beyond. You’ll hear from T-ARA, AKB48, Super Junior, Hideaki Tokunaga and more!  You won’t want to miss Asian Music Mondays from 8pm to 10pm!

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One Ok Rock – “Never Let This Go” (Japan, 2010)
Girls’ Generation – “Party” (Korea, 2015)
Grasshopper 草蜢 – “Grasshopper’s Club: Broken Heart / 失恋阵线联盟” (Hong Kong, 1990)
Bai Ke 白客 feat. Prof. YI 叫兽易小星 – “Never Thought About It / 万万没想到” (Mainland China, 2008)
Fat Shady 谢帝 – “No Work Tomorrow / 老子明天不上班” (Mainland China, 2014)
Ann 白安 – “What Was It That Made Me Meet Someone Like You? / 是什么让我遇见这样的你” (Taiwan, 2012)
Henry Huo 霍尊 feat. Yuching Fei 费玉清 – “Juan Zhu Lian / 卷珠帘” (Mainland China, 2014)
Karen Mok 莫文蔚 feat Hongliang Zhang 張洪量 – “Hiroshima Mon Amour / 廣島之戀” (Hong Kong, 1997)
Wei Zhao 赵薇 – “Romance in the Rain / 情深深雨蒙蒙” (Mainland China & Taiwan, 2001)
Ying Na 那英feat. Nan Sun孙楠 – “As Long As You Are Here /只要有你” (Mainland China, 2000)
Joi Chua 蔡淳佳 – “Waiting for a Sunny Day / 等一个晴天” (Singapore, 2006)
f(x) – “Pinocchio~Japanese Ver.~” (Korea & Japan, 2015)
CNBlue – “I’m a Loner / 외톨이야” (Korea, 2012)
Sayuri Iwata 岩田さゆり – “Thank You For Everything” (Japan, 2005)

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Jonathan Lee 李宗盛 – “The Song of An Ordinary Man / 凡人歌” (Hong Kong, 1991)
AKB48 – “Heavy Rotation / ヘビーローテーション” (Japan, 2010)
Shu Pu 朴树 – “Continent / 平凡之路” (Mainland, 2014)
T-ara – “So Crazy / 완전 미쳤네” (Korea, 2015)
Super Junior – “Devil” (Korea, 2015)
Cindy Wang 王心凌 – “The Smile of the Rainbow / 彩虹的微笑” (Taiwan, 2006)
t.A.T.u – “Белый Плащик / White Robes” (Russia, 2008)
SISTAR – “Give It To Me” (Korea, 2013)
DAVICHI – “Cry Again / 또 운다 또” (Korea, 2015)
Kun Chen 陈坤 – “The Half-curved Moon / 月半弯” (Mainland China, 2004)
Hideaki Tokunaga 徳永英明 – “桜色舞うころ” (Japan, 2015)
Ambrose Hui 许绍洋 – “Flower Fragrance / 花香” (Taiwan, 2001)
G.E.M – “Loving You / 喜歡你” (Hong Kong, 2015)
Olivia Ong – “Sometimes When We Touch” (Singapore, 2008)