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Asian Music Mondays | Qing Ming Festival


This week on Asian Music Mondays your hosts Lulu and Tie bring you a special Chinese/Taiwanese playlist in commemoration of Qing Ming Jie, also known as Chinese Memorial Day or Ancestors’ Day that occurred yesterday.

It is a day of remembering past ancestors and cleaning graves and worship of the dead. The holiday can seem confusing as the direct translation suggests “Pure Brightness Festival” or “Clear and Bright Festival” which may imply a spring happiness holiday and not a holiday to pay respects to ancestors.

You will hear selections from TANK, JJ Lin and Jay Chow. You won’t want to miss this week of Asian Music Mondays on Impact Radio!

Tune into this week’s playlist on impact89fm.org and follow us on social media for weekly updates on your Asian entertainment news!

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On this day families gather to spend time together and eat qingtuan, a green dumpling made of glutinous rice and barley grass. In Taiwan, caozaiguo or shuchugo is eaten.

[su_accordion][su_spoiler title=”Click for 8PM-9PM Playlist” style=”simple”]
Mayday/ 五月天 – “Go To Battle / 入阵曲” (Taiwan, 2014)
Brothers / 因果兄弟 – “Love is my life” (China, 2010)
JJ Lin / 林俊杰 – “Cao Cao / 曹操” (Singapore, 2006)
Qiulin Li / 李秋林 – “24 Solar Terms / 二十四节气歌” (China with Ke’s language, 2013)
South Mama / 南拳妈妈 – “Rain Day / 下雨天” (Taiwan, 2008)
Mountain Eagle / 山鹰组合 – “Soul Bait / 引魂” (China, 2003)
Fei Wang / 王菲 – “To Youth/ 致青春” (China, 2013)
Soda Green / 苏打绿 – “What Are You Worried About / 你在烦恼什么” (Taiwan, 2011)
Yugang Li / 李玉刚 – “Farewell to My Concubine / 霸王别姬” (China, 2011)
Yuhan Yuan / 袁鈺涵 – “Drunk Qingming / 醉清明” (China, 2011)
EDIQ – “Laugh Above Qingming River / 清明上河笑” (China, 2011)
2 Cold / 二凉 – “Qingming / 清明” (China, 2014)
Shuyin Lin / 林树茵 – “Rain Day / 下雨天” (China, 2002)

[su_accordion][su_spoiler title=”Click for 9PM-10PM Playlist” style=”simple”]
许嵩 / VAE–“清明雨上 / Rain in Ching Ming Day” (China, 2009)
吴琼 / Wu Qiong–“故人叹 / Gu Ren Tan” (China, 2008)
TANK–“三国恋 / San Guo Lian” (Taiwan, 2006)
姚贝娜 / Bella Yao–“红颜劫 / Hong Yan Jie” (China, 2012)
李玉刚 / Li Yugang–“清明上河图 / Qingming Shanghetu” (China, 2010)
赵薇 / Vicki Zhao–“江城子 / Jiang Cheng Zi” (China, 2009)
胡彦斌 / Anson Hu–“红颜 / Hong Yan” ( China, 2004)
爱乐团 / Ai Yue Tuan–“半面妆 / Ban Mian Zhuang”(China, 2006)
周杰伦 / Jay Chow–“发如雪 / Fa Ru Xue” (Taiwan, 2005)
林俊杰 / JJ Lin–“江南 / Jiang Nan” (Singapore, 2004)
萧人凤 / Xiao Ren Feng–“仙剑问情 / Xian Jian Wen Qing” (Taiwan, 2004)
李宇春 / Chris Lee–“蜀绣 / Shu Xiu” (China, 2009)

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