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Asian Music Mondays | 3/16/15

Asian Music Mondays 3/16/2015

This week on Asian Music Mondays your hosts Lulu and Tie bring you a special OST edition of Asian Music Mondays. OST stands for Official Sound Track. This week’s music selection will be from your favorite movies, animes and TV shows.  You’ll be hearing music from Mayday, Ah Joong Kim, Yuna Ito, ZARD and more!  You can follow this week’s playlist on impact89fm.org!  You can also follow us on social media: Facebook at Impact Asian Music Mondays and on Twitter @ImpactAMM. You won’t want to miss this week’s playlist on Impact 89FM!


The video below is the trailer to Talk Back and You’re Dead, a recently reviewed movie by your host Jess! You can check out Facebook at Impact Asian Music Mondays for the full review! The movie is about a love story, almost Romeo and Juliet like, but with a lot of twists and turns! Songs from the Official Soundtrack as been featured on the show by your favorite pinay and pinoy singers: Nadine Lustre and James Reid! You can tune in tonight as we play tracks from different movies, TV shows and anime from 8PM to 10PM.

1. Flow – “GO!!!” From Japanese Anime, Naruto (Japan, 2004)

2. Rene Liu / 刘若英 – “Migratory Bird / 候鸟” from Taiwan Movie, Migratory Bird (Taiwan, 2001)

3. Wan AF2 – “Love, the Little Thing” from Thai Movie, First Love, the Little Thing (Thailand, 2010)

4. A Joong Kim / 金雅中 – “Maria” from 200 Pound Beauty (Korea, 2008)

5. Mayday / 五月天 – “Leave the Surface of Earth / 离开地球表面” from Chinese Anime, Happy Superman (China, 2013)

6. Yoko Takahashi / 高桥洋子 – “A Cruel Angel’s Thesis / 残酷な天使のテーゼ” from Japanese Anime, Evangelion (Japan, 1995)

7. Suraj Jaqan – “Give Me Some Sunshine” from Indian movie, 3 Idiots (India, 2009)

8. Utada Hikaru / 宇多田光 – “Beautiful world” from Japanese Anime, Evangelion I (Japan, 2007)

9. G.E.M / 邓紫棋 – “Never Meet Again / 后会无期” from Chinese movie, Never Meet Again(China, 2014)

10. ZARD – “Destiny Cycle / 运命のルレット回して” from Japanese Anime, The Detective Conan (Japan, 1998)

11. Fish Liang / 梁静茹 – “No If – 没有如果” from Taiwan TV Show, My Queen (Taiwan, 2009)

12. LYn / 李世珍 – ”My Destiny“ from Korean TV Show, You Who Is From the Stars (Korea, 2013)

13. Jason Zhang / 张杰 – ”Never Lose Your Heart / 勿忘心安“  from Chinese movie, Overheard (China, 2009)

14. 王菲/ Faye Wong-”匆匆那年/Fleet of time” from Chinese Movie, Fleet of Time (China,2014)

15. 谢安琪/Kay-“钟无艳/Wu Yen” from Taiwan Drama Wu Yen (Taiwan, 2010)

16. BAAD – “君が好きだと叫びたい/ I want to shout I like you” from Japanese Manga Slam Dunk (Japan, 1993)

17. Sound Horizon – “紅蓮の弓矢/ Crimson Bow and Arrow” from Japanese Manga Attack on Titan (Japan, 2013)

18. V.A – “Butterfly” from Japanese Animation Digital Monster (Japan, 1999)

19. 王蓝茵/ Tangerine Wang – “恶作剧/Prank” from Taiwanese version of It started with a kiss (Taiwan, 2005)

20. F4 – ”流星雨/Meteor Shower” from Taiwanese version of Boys Over Flowers: Meteor Garden (Taiwan, 2001)

21. Yuna Ito/ Christine Ito – “Endless story” from Japanese film version of Nana (Japan, 2005)

22. 신승훈/Shin Seung-hun – “I believe” from Movie My Sassy Girl (Korea, 2001)

23. 박효신/ Park Hyo-shin – “눈의 꽃/Snow Flower” from Drama I’m sorry, I love you (Korea, 2004)

24.  Star – “I think I” from Drama Full House (Korea, 2004)

25. 김범수/Kim Bum Soo – “Miss you” from Drama Stairway to Heaven (Korea, 2003)

26. As One – “Want to apologize to you” from Drama Sassy girl Chun-hyang (Korea, 2005)

27. Nadine Lustre and James Reid – “Bahala Na / Leave It Up to God” from Diary ng Panget / Diary of an Ugly The Movie (Philippines 2014)






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