Brandon John Foote of Gifts or Creatures’ Spotlight Playlist

Here’s a playlist of tunes from a section of albums that we enjoy on a regular basis at home. Bethany and I both love the classic folk and rock sounds of the 20th century with a few modern acts thrown into the mix. I personally tend to lean heavily towards songwriters that offer a hint of quirk and character in their writing.

Playlist for Brandon John Foote of Gifts or Creatures:

The Band “Unfaithful Servant”

Neko Case “Star Witness”

Santo & Johnny “Sleepwalk”

Breathe Owl Breathe “Two Moths”

Woody Guthrie “Pastures of Plenty”

The Beatles “Tomorrow Never Knows”

The Flying Burrito Brothers “Wheels”

Van Morrison “St. Dominic’s Preview”

Blitzen Trapper “Sleepy Time in the Western World”

Bob Dylan “Country Pie”

Written by Brandon John Foote