Impact dominates in third annual broomball showcase


Impact celebrates with the trophy at center ice after a 5-2 victory in the annual Broomball showcase. // Photo Credit: Jeremy Whiting

Brendan Schabath, Sports Director

EAST LANSING – On any given Friday night in January, Munn Ice Arena is typically filled with 6,000 or more hockey fans settling in to watch the Spartans. However, on this past Friday night, the Spartans’ home rink was filled with over 100 people who are usually covering those games; student journalists. 

A group of four student organizations gathered Friday night to face off in Impact’s third annual broomball match. The groups included host Impact 89FM, MSU’s student radio station, the State News, Spartan Sports Report and MSU Telecasters.

The contest has historically just been a competition between Impact and the State News but with a mismatch in manpower in recent years, the decision was made to extend an invitation to other student organizations. 

The goal was to make the game more competitive as Impact has handily won every meeting. Some goals aren’t always met. 

Impact dominated the game and took home its third consecutive victory, 5-2. 

Sam Kurtzman, Zac Slowik and Brendan Schabath pose for the most menacing picture of the night. // Photo Credit: Delaney Rogers

With a new challenge in front of them, an invigorated group of Impacters were well prepared to take down their opponents. As WDBM garnered nearly 50 players on its squad, the game was billed as “Impact vs. Everybody.”

With music blaring and cheers from the bench ringing through Munn Ice Arena, Impact got off to a hot start. The game was played in five-minute shifts in which play was then stopped for substitutions. Impact scored before the first switch. 

Impact’s executive board celebrates with the trophy. Left to right: Operations Manager Sam Kurtzman, Marketing Director Ashley Land, News Director Zac Slowik, Sports Director Brendan Schabath, Programming Director Mckenna Lounds, Station Manager Delaney Rogers. // Photo Credit: Adam Steinhauer

Offensive zone pressure and a “boots on the ground” game plan led to an early goal for the red and black. Hockey beat reporter Ryan Radosevich showcased his skills all night for Impact. Radosevich, a former hockey player himself, proved that despite the obvious differences between broomball and traditional hockey, experience on the ice pays off. 

It started early with a loose-ball collection on the near-side boards in the attacking zone. Radosevich collected himself, dangled a defender and found Impact News Director, Zac Slowik in front of the crease. After a short scramble, Slowik punched the ball into the back of the net and Impact was off and running. 

It was a big night for Slowik as he finished with two goals, two assists and was +4 while on the ice. 

The Impact bench cheers on their teammates on the ice. // Photo Credit: Jeremy Whiting

Impact would score four unanswered goals from a flurry of players. Men’s basketball beat reporter Michael Markoch connected with Sports Director Brendan Schabath for an assist as Schabath tipped the ball just in time to find women’s basketball beat reporter Matt Merrifield for a second goal. 

Schabath completed the night with two assists while contributing a +4 mark during his ice time. 

Hockey beat reporter Jacob Stinson also notched a tally on the scoresheet for Impact as he netted the third goal of the night. Stinson collaborated with women’s basketball beat reporter Allie Cohen for the goal. Cohen was a star all night for Impact. 

Cohen was celebrating a birthday as she took the ice Friday night. Perhaps no one, herself included, expected she would be celebrating by taking home the MVP honors for WDBM. Cohen surprised many with a standout performance for her ability to gain possession of the ball in the neutral zone and push it forward for offensive opportunities. She was constantly in the mix of Impact’s 45 total shots on goal and was an easy choice as the MVP. 

Maggie Heflin, Paige Drob and Matt Anikiej brave the slippery conditions of the ice for a serious winners photo after the game.

The State News put forth a quality effort in a comeback attempt in the second half of the game. 

Despite minimal offensive chances due to Impact’s suffocating backline defense, MSU Telecasters sideshow producer Danny Zivian was heavily involved in any chances that did come about. He made a crisp pass to State News men’s basketball beat reporter Melanie Soverinsky who smacked the ball past goalkeeper Zach Surdenik for the team’s first goal of the game. 

The squad would get one more after Spartan Sports Report director Ethan Hunter found a streaking Alex Walters for their second goal. Walters, an environment reporter for the State News, would score the final goal of the night for his team. 

Some Impact team members pose for a victorious picture with the trophy. Left to Right: Nick Sanchez, Emma Frank, Adam Steinhauer, Sophie Scureman-Stoops, Sav Hamed, Ashley Land, Paige Drob.

As the clock ticked ever so close to zero, Impact held a decisive 4-2 lead. Yet, the radio broadcasters were not satisfied. Specialty show host of The Vibe, Matt Anikiej, was the benefactor of a mad dash in front of the goal as he scored WDBM’s fifth and final goal of the contest. A goal that would send Impact into a frenzy of excitement and celebration as the result was imminent. 

The horn sounded and a swarm of Impacters donning all-black attire gathered around the shiny gold trophy at center ice. Hugs, high fives, screams of excitement and joyous laughter were abundant in the post-game celebration. 

Impact’s office team poses for a photo with the trophy. Left to Right: Sarah Laughner, Jake Rhodes, Sam Kurtzman, Matt Cruz, Adam Steinhauer, Ashley Land, Zac Slowik.

The 5-2 final score mirrors the exact same score from the previous year. Three years ago (the 2020 contest was canceled due to COVID) Impact routed the State News to the tune of a 15-1 victory. The blowout inflated the odds of this year’s contest as the spread closed at 3.5 goals (Merrifield Sportsbook). With back-to-back 5-2 victories, Impact is 1-2 ATS in the last three contests. 

Impact would like to thank MSU Athletics and Munn Ice Arena for the use of the facilities during the game. They would also like to thank faculty members Jon Whiting (MSU Telecasters), Chris Richert, Kim Margolis, Wesley Herold (State News), Lori Ann Dickerson and Dan Dickerson (Spartan Sports Report) for their participation in the event. 

Impact can relish in the win for now, but next year’s game is already fresh on the mind of those returning to continue Impact’s dominant legacy. 

The Zac(h)s! News Director Zac Slowik and Sports Broadcast Director Zach Surdenik gather on the boards for a celebratory picture after the game. // Photo Credit: Brendan Schabath

Goal Scorers

Impact 89FM:

Zac Slowik (2)

Matt Merrifield (1)

Jacob Stinson (1)

Matt Anikiej (1)

State News/Spartan Sports Report/MSU Telecasters:

Melanie Soverinsky (1)

Alex Walters (1)