Playlist | Songs for sending your broomball enemies to the hospital


“Mushroom Cloud of Destruction” by Thomas Hawk is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0.

Entertainment Team

It’s winter here in East Lansing. The snow that has eluded us has finally thwarted the gray malaise haunting the student body like a specter. As the branches become adorned in a pearlescent gilding and the Red Cedar freezes to a halt, another thing is in the air for the mischievous folks in G-4 Holden Hall: The annual broomball tournament.

This yearly festivity brings together good friends, and even better athletes, at the historic Munn Ice Arena for a public display of brutality the likes the world has never seen. Reeling from their 9-0 loss in 2021, the boot-quaking street urchins peddling their brand of journalism (The State News) have decided that they are masochists after all, and are back for more. This time, though, they brought some more victims/friends.

Alongside them are the MSU Telecasters, as well as our fashion editorial-extraordinaire, the fine folks at VIM. For the sake of our university woodlots, I hope they’re no-shows — I’m not sure there’s enough lumber for the amount of caskets that need to be crafted on such short notice. At least VIM will look good at their funeral, and the Telecasters will be generous enough to provide HD footage of their demise.

In the meantime, while you’re practicing your eulogies (and to all my Impacters, victory dances), here is a very special playlist to get you in the mood to go nothing less than BUCK WILD.