Alone in the Middle | “Mystery” by Inner Wave


Madison Reinhold, Writer/Volunteer

It’s great for spooky season. It’s great for sitting alone and being afraid of what your life is going to be. It also has a great synth beat. 

The latest release from the Inner Wave’s forthcoming album Apoptosis, Mystery” is described as a song about being afraid. The lyrics, speaking to a woman, repeat in the chorus:

“Oh, little girl, I know your face, don’t ever do that

Alone in the middle, 

Always in the middle, yeah.”

An alternative sound borrowing from aesthetics such as vaporwave — an aesthetic based partially on ’80s sounds and to an extent a critique on consumerist and capitalist culture — “Mystery” complements low key nights and chilly fall days with a soft, edgy sound interwoven with existential dread. Taking from that aesthetic, the song describes a disillusionment with modern life and fear for the unknowingness of the future. 

“She thought of driving off one day

To see how it would feel

The road was dark and black and blue

Surprised she’d rather stay.”

The track features synthesizers, organs and trumpets, among many others. The track is quite mellow, fitting in with any alternative or autumn playlist that needs a fresh update. Released on Sept. 30,
Apoptosis is Inner Wave’s fifth album.