Thee Hourz O’ Power – 3/2/17


Omen – The Axeman

Bathsheba – Ain Soph

Judas Priest – Rapid Fire

Overkill – Wrecking Crew

Cacophony – Speed Metal Symphony

Coroner – Nosferatu (instrumental)

Coroner – Suicide Command

Dio – Dream Evil

Mercyful Fate – Evil

Ordoxe – Trepas I

Darkthrone – En Vind Av Sorg

Immortal – One by One

Slayer – Hell Awaits

Immolation – Destructive Currents

Goatmoon – Kansojen Havitajja

Behemoth – Demigod

Decapitated – Spheres of Madness

Black Sabbath – Hand Of Doom

Pallbearer – Fear and Fury

Eluveitie – Calling the Rain

Ex Deo – Hispania (Siege of Saguntum)

Mastodon – Naked Burn

Midnight – Death Scream

12 AM

Sanctuary – Die For My Sins

Sanctuary – Soldiers of Steel

Sanctuary – Death Rider / Third War

Sanctuary – White Rabbit (Jefferson Airport)

Sanctuary – Ascension to Destiny

Sanctuary – Battle Angels

Sanctuary – I Am Insance

Sanctuary – Veil of Disguise

King Diamond – Abigail

Grim Reaper – See You In Hell

Incantation – Unheavenly Skies

Holocausto  – Destruicao Nuclear

Sarcofago – Satanas

White Death – Immortal Hunter of the Moon

Anthrax – Indians

Arsis – Servants to the Night

Cataleptic – Ancient Might

The Revenant – Grand Design

Dark Angel – Death Is Certain (Life Is Not)

Megadeth – Looking Down The Cross

Enforcer – Live for the Night

Slough Feg – Free Market Barbarian

Voivod – Astronomy Domine

Iron Maiden – Running Free


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