Mutemath Interview

Mutemath gave us some time before their sold out show at The Loft in Lansing, MI. What font are you?

Colin Marshall
Brad Kinnan

Liz Riesterer

Jared Harburn

Nada Surf Interview

Matthew Caws, frontman of Nada Surf kindly took a seat with us to chat about the concept behind The Stars are Indifferent to Astronomy, staying relevant in an ever-changing music industry, and a funny story from tour.

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Afterglow 5/6/2012

Here’s something a little different. Tonight on the afterglow we’re airing our interview with Simon Postford of Shpongle. They’ll be performing this Friday in Detroit at the Majestic Theater, so if you’re into them you may be interested. I’ll be trying to head that way, and some other Impact people will be there too, so post in the comments if you want to meet up!

I’ve got plenty of great music to play after the interview too, so stay tuned for your regularly scheduled Afterglow. Playlist up live below.

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Interview: Portugal. The Man

Portugal. The Man was nice enough to hang out with us in Detroit a few weeks ago. Here’s a video we put together where they talk about their musical influences, how they “see” when writing music, and being poor in Michigan. Plus, you’ve gotta check out their stage…holy crap dude!

Impact Chats With… Mountain Man!

The Virginia-based Mountain Man consists of Amelia Randall Meath, Alexandra Sauser-Monnig, and Molly Erin Sarle.  Their debut album, Made the Harbor, is a stunning, expansive landscape of harmonies, accompanied sometimes by a guitar, and sometimes nothing at all.  Their songs are comfortable and broken-in without ever sounding gimmicky or plain.  On November 5th, Mountain Man’s live set included a few new songs, and almost every song performed off of Made the Harbor had been reworked in some way.  I thought they were something of an odd fit to open for the particularly energetic Jónsi, but they captivated the audience better than most opening bands I’d seen.  Their voices could start slow and quiet, drawing in the listening, and would swell into three-part harmonies that hold, move, shift, and trickle back down to a single voice.  I was able to catch up with them back stage after the show.  I sat cross-legged on the floor, while Molly, nursing
a broken foot, was stretched out propped up on her elbows and Amelia sat rubbing Molly’s back and stroking her hair.

Matt Revers: I understand you guys met in college.  How did you decide to become Mountain Man?

Amelia: I heard Molly’s music.  And molly’s music made me want to sing more, and so I taught one of Molly’s songs to Alex, and Molly wanted Alex to sing more, and then we all came together as a trio.

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