Day One | Triathalon


Triathalon, the New York City transplant surf-rockers, pulled a 180 in favor of hazy analog synths and stoner vocal modulation with their latest single, “Day One.” Stemming from Savannah, GA, the band can accredit the warm weather and humid breeze for their surf-gospel roots. Their latest project flirts with new styles of intimate electronic instrumentation, even featuring trap hi-hats on a couple songs. he days of Triathalon’s youthful, sunny-eyed garage rock are gone as frontman Adam Intrator and co. would rather close the blinds and browse weird corners of the internet on a rainy night.

“Day One” fades in with alien-like chirps and a droning bass line oozing in fuzz. The hip-hop drum kit subconsciously blends the cacophony of bizarre noises, tying down the roomy and spaced atmosphere of the track. Not until the first chorus does the chord progression fully flesh out the synth patch works as melody insulation for Intrator’s croons. “I’ve been me since day one,” he sings alongside a couple off-putting, harmonizing voices. The first guitar note descends smoothly right after the hook, setting up the next verse like dominoes for Intrator’s near whisper. While you can expect a lot more variation and liveliness from their upcoming full-length, “Day One,” is a good indication of the direction Triathalon is headed.

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