The Basement 5/22/14



Had an awesome show on The Basement tonight as we brought in Oeno to play some live acoustic jams, and talk about upcoming shows. We also used the last half hour of the show to feature a variety of artists that will be at this years Bled Fest. The playlist is below:

The Devils Cut – Me and My Shadow ** Mac’s Bar 5/23

Suicide Machines – Your Silence

Wayne Szalinski – Atrophy for Lethargy

Jessica Hernandas and the Deltas – Caught Up

~Interview with Oeno~

Lights and Caves – Carry Me Home

Lee Abramson – How Soon Is

Mike Mains and the Branches – Miracle

Secret Grief – Custer ** Bled Fest 5/24

Empire Empire! – Our Love Has Made Us Parallels ** Bled Fest 5/24

Lawnmower – Team Spirit ** Bled Fest 5/24

Alaska – Lucid Delusion ** Bled Fest 5/24

Decades – Needle and Thread (Spaghetti Session) ** Bled Fest 5/24

Braided Veins – Unknown ** Bled Fest 5/24

Small Parks – Five Dollar Words ** Bled Fest 5/24

Deer Widow – All My Exes Pay Their Taxes ** Bled Fest 5/24

Thanks to Oeno for coming in




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