Afterglow 5/4

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Congratulations graduates! To celebrate all of your free time, we’re giving away tickets to see Baths at The Pyramid Scheme TOMORROW night in Grand Rapids! More after the jump!


1. Maliblue – Darius

2. On My Own – Fantastic Mr. Fox (feat. Denai Moore)

3. Spake Cakes I – The Coop

4. Memoriam – Russian Circles

5. You Can – Body Language

6. Cool Party – Groundislava

7. Dead Signal – Tauck

8. Remember the Good Things – Milosh

9. Goddess – Chrome Sparks

10. I, You, We…Know – Chrome Sparks

11. Strings of Life (Supernova Remix) – Soul Control

12. Camel – Flying Lotus



13. Camel – Lack of Afro

14. Got Me So – XXXY

15. Repelish – Mogwai

16. Mind Like a Diamond – Kodomo

17. On My Mind – Machinedrum

18. Ride the Wave (feat. Mike Rempel) – IndigoSun

19. Just for A Day (Sunday) – TM Juke

20. Duvidó – Quantic

21. Let’s Make a Vow – Diamond Messages

22. Never Forget Your Token – Blockhead

23. Sundrips (featuring Yellow Lunar Human) – AstroLogical

24.  You Wish – Nightmares on Wax

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