Episode 6: On the DL

The Bandwagon opens up the month of September with Zane D’Souza on the disabled list, but Zachary Swiecicki and Ashanti Seabron are still 100%. The NFL preseason is ending, the MLB regular season is coming to a close, and The Bandwagon is ready to go.

McGregor vs Diaz 2 lived up to the hype, was it the best fight ever?

Hope Solo has had a bad end to her summer…did she really deserve it?

Zach and Ashanti took it upon themselves to give out some awards to those that may not be recognized. You can call them the Bandwagons:

‘First two months of the season’ NL Rookie of the Year: Trevor Story

‘Last two months of the season’ AL Rookie of the Year: Gary Sanchez

‘More bold than Ashanti Seabron’ Award: Colin Kaepernick

Also. Ashanti makes Super Bowl score predictions??