Twitter Reaction to Week 8 #DALvsDET

The Detroit Lions won 31-30 in a thriller on Sunday, as Matthew Stafford literally sneaked into the end zone with 12 seconds remaining.

Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant created a great deal of hype leading up to the game, claiming that he was better than Calvin Johnson. Bryant certainly had Twitter blowing up after a long touchdown reception, following his sideline temper-tantrum.

See the roller coaster of emotions come in this week’s Twitter reactions:

‏@ttwentyman That’s Megatron’s third career pass play of 85+ yards. #DALvsDET

@HammerFox2 That last run was the longest of Calvin’s career that did not result in a TD

@ttwentyman Stafford never saw Sean Lee. Picks him off and returns it 74 yards inside the Lions 5. What a momentum changer. #DALvsDET

‏@DetroitLionsNFL HALFTIME: #Lions 7 (@Bigplaycj TD) #Cowboys 10 (@DezBryant TD) #DALvsDET

@PrideOfDetroit #Lions force a stop. Offense has got to finish a drive here and at least tie things up. No reason to be down in this game.

@iNoah_Guy Detroit is gonna beat themselves with these turnovers. #DALvsDET

@ChadfromtheD This has been a complete embarrassment today for the Detroit #Lions!! #DALvsDET

@NathanC0le This is why I hate watching football. #DALvsDET

@MSUImpactSports Since 2011, NFL teams are 1-54 with a -4 turnover margin. Lions are -4 today against Dallas

@BlackSheep_MSU Calvin Johnson is an actual transformer

@NFLDetroitLions Stafford reaches over for the 1-yard TD! Lions tie this game up at 30 a piece and could win with the extra point!

@klein1pj Yeah. Thats why I am a Lions fan. #lionpride

Postgame Tweets of the Week:

@WDBM The end of that @DetroitLionsNFL game was crazy, word to our superhero in a football uniform @Bigplaycj

@ReggieBush Calvin Johnson is the greatest receiver in the history of the NFL! #dropsthemic

@NFLDetroitLions Someone get Dez Bryant a Snickers… He thinks he’s as good as Megatron when he hungry.

Bradley Allen is a Multimedia Journalist for Impact Sports.