Impact 89FM

Paid Staff Directory

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Position Name Email
General Manager Jeremy Whiting
[email protected]
Station Manager Joe Dandron [email protected]
Operations Manager George McNeill [email protected]
Audio Production Director Evan Surace [email protected]
Traffic Director Devin Bosom [email protected]
Program Director Amber Kienutske [email protected]
Programming Assistant Mckenna Lounds [email protected]
Training Director Mark DeMartini
[email protected]
Music and Entertainment Editor Josiah Leach [email protected]
Website Director Michael Thistlethwaite [email protected]
Music Director Nick Quebbeman [email protected]
News Director Taylor Haelterman [email protected]
News Editor Haley Sinclair [email protected]
News Editorial Asst. Caroline Miller [email protected]
Sports Director Luke Sloan [email protected]
Sports Editor Trent Balley [email protected]
Sports Editorial Asst. Nathan Stearns [email protected]
Play by Play Coordinator Eric Bach [email protected]
Marketing Director Maddi Farrell
[email protected]
Ethan Youngblood Promotions Coordinator [email protected]
Visual Media Director George Pham [email protected]
Photo Coordinator Andrew Herner [email protected]
Video Coordinator Sarah Kutchinski [email protected]
Chief Audio Engineer Henry Menigoz [email protected]
Art Director Ally Beshouri [email protected]
Live Music Director Matt Burdick [email protected]
Arts and Entertainment Editorial Asst. Sarah Beltran [email protected]
Podcast Coordinator Ryan Collins [email protected]
Office Assistant Annie Lively [email protected]
Technology Specialist Ethan Richert
Media Librarian Rebekah Dobski [email protected]
Media Librarian  Donald Pinner [email protected]
Audio Engineer Ellison Winterstein [email protected]
Audio Engineer Abbi Wynsma [email protected]
News Producer: The Sci-Files Chelsie Boodoo [email protected]
News Producer: The State Lacie Hudson
News Producer: The Undercurrent Nick Saba
News Producer: The Exposure Connie Rahbany
Airstaff Coaches Brendan Flum, Amanda Hackbardt and Caroline Nicholas

Specialty Shows:

The Afterglow: [email protected]

Love What’s New: [email protected]

Pangea: [email protected]

Pity Party: [email protected]

The Vibe: [email protected]

Thee Hourz O’ Power: [email protected]

Torch & Twang: [email protected]