DJ Spotlight of the Week: Haley and Alison


Mark DeMartini, Training Director

This weeks DJ spotlight features 2 people! Haley Speed and Alison Eberle. Together, these roommates host The Flashback every Friday night from 8 to 10 PM, and are also part of the Music Review team here at the Impact. Haley is a junior packaging major, and Alison is a senior experience architecture major.



What made you join the Impact and become a DJ? 

We both have boring paths to joining the Impact but we met on music review team and signed a lease after hanging out once. In our first month as roommates we watched the Safety Dance music video approximately eight million times (and then made a 1000 picture, well-organized Tears for Fears Pinterest board) and now we have a specialty show. That’s how it works for everyone, right?

What has been your best on air experience?

We learned the secret of how to shut down the radio after experiencing technical difficulties during our show and got to see the dead air alarm turn on. This seems like forbidden knowledge. brb gonna put “Radio Technician” on our resumes now.

What are your zodiac signs? 

H: (I can’t deny that I’m a) Virgo A: Cancer

If you were on a deserted island, who would you bring and why?

Bruce Springsteen. Why? If you have to ask then you wouldn’t understand.

If you could have dinner with any famous celebrity, alive or dead, who would you pick?

A creepy lab-made amalgamation of David Byrne, Roland Orzabal, and Curt Smith.

Favorite movie or TV show?

We watched Big Little Lies in the fall and now we live by the motto WWLDD (what would Laura Dern do?)

What is a hobby you started because of the COVID-19 pandemic?

In September we started our band ED (named after Adam Scott’s character on Big Little Lies) on Rockband 2 and have been on a world tour ever since. We have accumulated over 40 million fans on expert, but we still can’t beat Master Exploder by Tenacious D :/