Playlist | The Suez Saga

Photo from Danny Puentes

Photo from Danny Puentes

Paige Drob, Writer/Volunteer

On March 23, 2021, a large ship found itself wedged inside the Suez Canal. This human-constructed waterway in Egypt connects the Mediterranean Sea and Red Sea through the Isthmus of Suez. About 12% of global shipping goes through this canal which accounts for about 80% of world’s trade in goods, so you can imagine the amount of havoc this blockage caused. 

On March 29th 2021 many days of hard work by maritime workers, engineers and other experts led to the freeing of this ship, allowing for the many backlogged ships to start passing through.

At this point of the semester, I know some of us can feel like this boat—stuck in the monotony of online classes as the assignments begin to pile up behind us. Just remember that, like the ships waiting to pass through that canal, we are all in this together. Spring Semester ’21 is our canal, and it can be smooth sailing if we all lend each other a helping hand.

So here it is—the soundtrack from start to finish of the Suez Canal Saga.