Nourish Your Ears Today! | “may fields” by Louie Zong


Mason Vore, Writer/Volunteer

A soul album about vegetables? Why not. Louie Zong released Vegetable Soul last week, and I’ve been munching on these tracks big time.

“may fields” opens with a peaceful harp that launches into a funky instrumental track. The tight two-and-a-half minute jam is fully instrumental and is a smooth and relaxing intro to the album. The active drums and loose bass make for a really fun rhythm section and keep it driving forward. When the horns enter the track about halfway through, your only option is to start dancing and enjoying this joyful song.

 An illustrator based out of LA, Zong makes really playful and engaging art as well as exciting tunes (here’s his website). Already the third project of 2021 for Louie, Vegetable Soul follows the trend of themed albums for him. It contains tracks like “heirloom,” “red onions,” and “string bean shuffle.” This really unique and light album can easily lift your mood and, as it’s album says, “Nourish your ears today!”