Impact Highlights: Local, female artists for your playlists


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Impact Highlights: Local, female artists for your playlists

When looking at Michigan’s music scene, it’s hard not to recognize just how many women are out there making excellent music. In honor of Women’s History Month, we’re lifting up some of our favorite artists from throughout the state. From feminist punk to soul-filled slowjams, here is a list of female-led groups we love.





Girl Fight

This feminist punk duo doesn’t pull any punches with their sound. Self-described as “barebone yellrock,” their music is hard-hitting, punchy and full of seething rage. Featuring mantra-like lyrics that touch on topics like sexism, white privilege and political stagnancy, Girl Fight is not afraid to hit back against social inequality.



Self described as dirty, gritty, stormy, witchy rock ‘n’ roll, Macho is Detroit riot grrrl at its finest. This three piece combines boisterous vocals with in-your-face instrumentation to highlight the frustration present in their music. Guitarist Helen Lambrix and drummer Annie Covington’s echoed vocals highlight particular potent moments in their tracks. Having two guitarists also allows the band to blend two punk styles into one cohesive sound. Lambrix usually supplies a dark, heavier overtone, while Luckey June harmonizes with their own brighter, punk stylings. All together, the band’s bewitching brand of punk is a great listen whether you’re in the mood to headbang or slow nod.





Born in D.C. but based in Michigan, Sequoia Snyder showcases her many talents through REDWOOD. From her piano and vocal skills, to the beautiful production on her tracks, Snyder’s music is infectious. Taking influence from contemporary R&B, hip hop, soul and jazz, Snyder creates a vibrant blend of sounds that celebrate love and growth. Every REDWOOD track is full of life, which makes for a listening experience that’s just as uplifting as it is refreshing.


Scary Women 

Scary women is truly a gem for fans of hard rock and heavy metal. By presenting old school rock with a feminist edge, the group carves out a unique niche among Lansing’s music scene. The band’s sinister lyrics paint pictures of femme fatales and highlight the stark realities of life in America. From adrenaline-fueled anthems like “I Would,” to the aggressive growls in “Do You Really Think?” the band delivers exactly what their name promises.


Grand Rapids 



From their fast tempo to their catchy hooks, BOOB SWEAT crafts a brand of grrrl punk that’s just as personal as it is powerful. The band’s discography is full of vented frustrations and aspirations that come through loud and clear. Whether they’re calling out sexist behavior or sharing period frustrations, BOOB SWEAT showcases experiences that are all too common but too frequently ignored.


Ann Arbor



Shoegaze is a dynamic genre that delicately balances lush production and noisy soundscapes. Big Vic, the project of Ann Arbor’s Victoria Rinaldi, conjures sludgy dissonance, saccharin melodies and black-eye drumming into a wonderfully dark, yet warm sound. With emotive, ghastly and full-bodied crooning reminiscent of Belinda Butcher, she’s sure to entrance you with her pearlescent and vibrant sound.