The Beauty in Grieving | “Daddy’s Gone” by Holly Macve


Abbi Wynsma, Audio Engineer

Alt-country artist Holly Macve recently added another single to her growing discography with “Daddy’s Gone,” a song about the passing of her distant father. The single encompasses everything that denotes a classic Macve song: reverbed soft guitar strokes, piano notes designated to the lower register and haunting vocals with a slight yodel that insinuates a sense of longing. Macve’s unique combination of modern country and folk with the slight twang and yodel of older artists creates an original sound that truly makes her stand out from the rest. 

Along with her moving vocals, Macve’s lyrics further help us understand the grief and confusion she felt as she worked on processing her emotions:


“There was nothing to let go of/

There was nothing to keep hold of /

And now he’s gone/

Daddy’s gone”


While the loss of someone in our lives can be painful and perplexing, Macve’s song reminds us of the beauty of sitting with our emotions and finding the silver lining in tender situations—even if it’s as simple as a sentimental song.