‘Til Death Do Us Part | “Till Forever Falls Apart” by Ashe and FINNEAS


Kale Guenther, Writer/Volunteer

On March 2, 2021, Ashe and FINNEAS released their second single together, “Till Forever Falls Apart.” This song is about loving each other no matter what happens in their relationship. In a statement about the song, Ashe said: 

“This song, while sounding like the most romantic song I’ve ever written, is about acceptance as well. The lyrics, ‘I’m gonna love you knowing we don’t have forever’ are about how it’s more important to have had the chance to love than to stay in love.” 

I easily agree with her statement, because being in a relationship is about accepting your partner’s flaws and making each other better by staying together, even in the bad times. They use the metaphor of a “tide taking California” to symbolize rocky times in their relationship that they will get past. 

“Till Forever Falls Apart” starts off as a somber pop-ballad, but quickly shifts into something more upbeat, allowing the vocals of Ashe and FINNEAS to shine above the already amazing track behind them. My favorite part of this track is FINNEAS’ first verse when he says:


So this is it, that’s how it ends/

I guess there’s nothing more romantic than dying with your friends/

And I’m not sorry for myself/

I wouldn’t wanna spend a minute loving anybody else”


This verse resonates with me because love is a very weird thing to have, and you don’t really know what it is until you do have it. It shows the artists’ love for each other and how, even in the end of their lives, they can still count on the other for support and comfort. This message reminds me of a similar song, “If the World Was Ending” by JP Saxe featuring Julia Michaels.

The music video for this song is amazing as well, showing both Ashe and FINNEAS ballroom dancing separately through a desert, meeting in the middle and then dancing together as the song comes to its climax. 



“Till Forever Falls Apart” is streaming everywhere, and I highly recommend everyone check this song out. It’s not just a sad love song, it’s a pick-me-up showing that love always wins in the end.